At monkey-type.org, we are an organization that provides creative typing tests which help our users improve their typing capabilities. We are among the pioneers of creative and innovative typing tests. We provide various types of typing tests, such as 1-sec typing tests, typing clubs, timed typing tests, and more. Our experience in the IT industry and our previous work on social media trends has allowed us to create engaging and fun content.

Our clever use of AI and ML has allowed us to generate meaningful passages, and that allowed us to build a strong reputation in our line of work. Our team consists of unique talents and some of the most diverse groups of people who hold our company’s beliefs and ethics true to their hearts.

Our Core Beliefs

The company must abide by its values, principles, and ethics to thrive. We have three core beliefs, and we take them very seriously at Monkey Type. Our three core beliefs are-

  • People We Work With
  • Processes We Use
  • The Technologies We Empower

What Makes Us So Unique

  • Creativity

    Working with creative social media teams and IT experts worldwide has taught us many things. Our team has some of the greatest minds and talents in the industry working for us to keep our business going forward. Their thoughts on modern typing problems and their unique approach to solving them have changed our organization forever.

  • Bringing Unique Ideas to the Table

    Not every problem needs to be solved through brute force. Some issues require a bit of creativity to figure out the solution. Our teams can always bring something new to the table, which has allowed us to overcome the challenge we faced in our journey.

  • Robust Typing Experience

    Typing service is our top priority here, and that’s where we excel at. Our use of AI and ML has allowed us to provide a significant experience that is hard to find anywhere else.

Our Mission

Our mission is to solve modern-day typing through a creative approach and unique solutions. We believe we can take things to the next level with strong principles, values, and work ethics.